Do you ever wonder if professional athletes imagine themselves winning? 

What a weird question. Of course you don’t. Because we all know that every NFL football player has pictured himself winning the Super Bowl, every Olympian has imagined himself winning all the gold medals, and every baseball player dreams about hitting the game-winning home run in game 7 of the World Series. 

Our minds are powerful tools. If we try hard enough, we can convince ourselves of almost anything. The other night, as I was going to bed I convinced myself that I forgot to lock the front door. I’m a stubborn creature, so I decided that I was wrong, and laid in bed for 20 minutes telling myself that it was locked. Let me tell you, that Every. Single. Sound sounded like my front door was opening. I finally got out of bed, and walked downstairs to discover that my front door was in fact locked. 

False alarm. But I was so convinced it was unlocked, that it was preventing me from sleeping. 

Think about that in the light of fitness. How many times does the thought cross our minds that we won’t ever reach our goals? How often do we picture ourselves having reached our goals? Do you think about how your life would (will) be different if you achieved your goals? If you got the six pack you’ve been working so hard for? 

Our minds are powerful. They can (and tend to) guide us toward whatever we are most fixated on. Both positively and negatively. Are you holding a grudge? I guarantee you, that anger is doing you more harm than the person who hurt you. Are you constantly worried about things that are out of your control? Man, that’s exhausting. Consider talking to someone about your fears. Are you most fixated on what you want most? If you’re not, you probably should be.